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Shant Trading Co" Ltd. is a leading company in retail market located in Armenia, it is well respected and enjoys sterling reputation. 
Trust, innovation and quality are the basics of everything we do at "Shant Trading Co" Ltd. These values, our capability for expansion and passionate approach to the business allow us to stand for new opportunities and new markets.
"The company was established in 2011 as a part of a holding  which has diversified from media to fashion retail business. 

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Our Values...


Our vision is to be an international class company that brings benefits both to our shareholders and the partners.



Our mission is to demonstrate  the perspectives of regional market and to prompt its integration to the global economy.


  • Human Capital: We believe that people are instrumental to the success of Shant Trading and value the individuality that our employees bring as well as passionate approach to the work.

  • Transparency: we put standards of accountability and transparency that covers all the processes.

  • Social responsibility: Our ability to manage and grow our business is the foundation by which we meet our social responsibility.